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Name : Katherine Sumanto 
Phone : 087888181133
Email :
Website :
Instagram : Katherine1498
Store Address : Online store
Brand(s) :
  1. KENTO.ID , 
  2. Velove.shope, 
  3. Asia.wholesale 
Achievement(s) :
  1. Finalist of Wardah Fashion Award in Jakarta Fashion Week 2016
  2. Finalist of IYFDC Award 2017
  3. 3rd winner of Next Young Promising Designer (NYPD) 2018
  4. 3rd winner of IYFDC 2018
Profile :
I graduated as a Fashion Design student from Raffles Design Institute in 2017. Since then I’ve been working in fashion industry. I worked at bubble girl as a kids wear designer. While working in bubble girl, I built my own brand called and later quit from bubble girl to focus on my own brand. In 2019, I met my partner and become co-owner and head of design of Velove.shope. we have our own manufacture and we make a new brand called Asia.wholesale. I am very passionate in what I’m doing and hoping someday I can be a well-known designer and owner. 
Nilla Rizki
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