JAKARTA-Under PT Bina Fajar Estetika, Tuneeca is the first Muslim fashion company to widely market contemporary Muslim fashion. With the tagline “The First Contemporary Moslem Wear in Indonesia”, we offer an alternative way of dressing for women in Indonesia.

Since its establishment in 2008, Tuneeca has consistently presented original, unique, and contemporary designs, giving greater fashion options for those seeking sophisticated, modern, mature, and elegant Muslim-wear.

Each year, Tuneeca comes up with different themes that equally reflect beauty and modesty in fashion. By understanding the individual’s need to show off their unique fashion choices without sacrificing comfort, Tuneeca continuously explores modern styles that reflect elegance and maturity. Tuneeca highlights the wearer’s personality.

            Tuneeca began as an online shop, but has grown to reach all parts of Indonesia and even overseas. Today, we have around 100 distributor partners all across Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam.

            Always confident and fashionable, always elegant and always the center of attention—these are testimonials from Tuneeca’s customers who have come to love our collections. Our customer’s loyalty is reflected in the activities of Tuneeca Lovers Community, established in 2013. Today, the community has more than 7000 members from Indonesia and abroad.

            The camaraderie between Tuneeca lovers are not limited to virtual interactions, but they have also organized gatherings in their home locations. Through Tuneeca Lovers Community, customers are able to make new friends in the area where they live.

            With Tuneeca, customers can step out more confidently, and set themselves apart from the rest. We fully believe that, with our concept, we will be able to penetrate the fashion market both in Indonesia and abroad, setting global Muslim-wear trends.


The Chronicle of Style by Tuneeca

At Indonesia Fashion Week 2017, Tuneeca’s theme is Chronicle of Style, to represent the journey of Tuneeca’s collections. ​The Chronicle of Style describes various fashion choices offered by Tuneeca through each of its collections. At the fashion show, held on 3 February 2017 at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), the sense of history and journey through fashion is palpable.

            The Chronicle of Style is an example of Tuneeca’s consistency in putting forward a unique theme for its collections. Tuneeca’s customers always have wide range of styles to choose from, so they will always find something that suits their character and personality.

In 2017, Tuneeca is bolder than ever, with a collection that reflects unbounded creativity. Design innovations are Tuneeca’s focus to create high quality products. With these innovations, Tuneeca provides all women with trendsetting experiences.

The Chronicle of Style is one of the first steps in Tuneeca’s journey of innovation to create new trends.


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