Toyota Sienta Joins the Festivities at Indonesia Fashion Week 2017

Fashion Show Ardistia New York di Panggung Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 / IFW

JAKARTA – The festivities of Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) 2017 reaches new heights with Sienta Pop Up Playground, right in the middle of the largest Indonesian fashion event at the beginning of the year.
With the theme Sienta Unlock Your Playground, at IFW 2017, 1-5 February at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Senayan Jakarta, PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) has collaborated with some of Indonesia’s foremost fashion talents to showcase their collections that reflect the stylish and modern characteristics of the Sienta, as Toyota’s latest Multi Activity Vehicle.

“Bringing the All New Toyota Sienta to Indonesia’s largest fashion event is consistent with Sienta’s flexible character, which can accommodate the consumer’s various activities without compromising style and modern designs, much like the clothes that have been designed by five of Indonesia’s best designers,” said Vice President Director PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) Henry Tanoto, when interviewed at Indonesia Fashion Week 2017, Plenary Hall, JCC, Jakarta.

Koleksi Hartono Gan di Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 / IFW

Sienta Pop Up Playground at Indonesia Fashion Week 2017, does not only present collections from five of today’s brightest Indonesian fashion designers—Yosep Sinudarsono, Ardistia New York, Hartono Gan, Mety Choa and Rika Mulle—but also talk shows on lifestyle development with Hanifa Ambadar dan Merry Riana.
At the “Fashionable with Toyota Sienta” talkshow are two women will share their experience driving with Sienta, especially its comfort and full array of features. Visitors—especially women—can learn more about Sienta as an easy-to-use car that is suitable for various activities by urban women today.

Koleksi Mety Choa di Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 / IFW

“It is very suitable for active urban women. It is not only safe and comfortable, but also easy to use. Toyota’s new MAV has a modern design with innovative features to support urban activities. As it takes into account the latest trend, it really has a complete selling point,” Henry elaborated.
Toyota Sienta at this bona-fide fashion event is part of Toyota Let’s Go Beyond program that presents modern products to meet the needs and lifestyle of Indonesia’s consumers. As a Multi Activity Vehicle, it has a stylish exterior design with features that allow Sienta to fit into the increasingly-dynamic urban lifestyle.

Koleksi Rika Mulle di Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 / IFW
Koleksi Yosep Sinudarsono di Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 / IFW

“Similar to how local designers have imbued unique accents into their designs, we can tailor the Sienta to meet the needs of the Indonesian consumer market,” Said Henry.
As we know, Toyota Sienta’s ground clearance for the Indonesian market is 25 mm higher than for the Japanese market, so you can travel anywhere with a peace of mind.
Meanwhile, dive-in seat—foldable seat—gives ample space at the back of the car to bring all the items one might need to go about their daily activities.
“We wish to address the urban lifestyle and needs through Sienta Pop Up Playground, a program that TAM has run for a year now. Previously, we have previously done other Sienta Pop Up Playground events inspired by urban lifestyle choices like Zumba, Yoga, Fun Bike, Dog’s Day Out, and of course Fashion,” said Henry.


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