Sekar Jagad Banyuwangi at IFW 2017

Fashion Show Irma Lumiga Sekar Jagad
Fashion Show Irma Lumiga Sekar Jagad

JAKARTA –Irma Lumiga is a formidable Indonesian designer who have been in the business for 17 years, so she is definitely very well-informed about fashion on a wider context.
Irma Luminga at Indonesia Fashion Week 2017, 1 to 5 February 2017 at Jakarta Convention Center, hopes to use the stage to promote the development of tourism and culture in Banyuwangi, especially its batik and fashion products.
It is a great honor for Irma Luminga to receive the support of the Regent of Banyuwangi Mr. Abdullah Azwar Anas, M.Si, to participate in Indonesia Fashion Week following her success at Banyuwangi Batik Festival in 2014 and 2015.

Fashion Show Irma Lumiga Sekar Jagad

This time, Irma Luminga presents the theme “Sekar Jagad Banyuwangi”. Sekar Jagadcomes from the Javanese words (Se=one; Kar=map; jagad=world) meaning a map of the world, and it refers to the diversity found in Banyuwangi and around the world. Sekar also means flower, thus reflecting the beauty and wonder that it exudes out to the world.
For the show, Irma Luminga has prepared 71 Batik-based pieces, consisting of ready-to-wear kebaya and haute couture. She has brought the best models from Banyuwangi to show off her designs and 30 gandrung dancers who will help make the event truly a celebration of culture.

Fashion Show Irma Lumiga Sekar Jagad

This fashion show will be held at Jakarta Convention Center, on 4 February 2017, 4 pm. For her show, Irma Lumiga has collaborated with Banyuwangi-based SMEs and batik craftsworkers, as well as the shoes and bags designer KOVS.
Irma Lumiga hopes that IFW will grow from strength to strength. To prepare her collection for IFW, Irma actually conducted thorough research and cost analysis regarding Banyuwangi batik and its development.
“Fashion is about eyes and transformation, and batik is about legend and heritage, if you put them together than you can make a beautiful masterpiece,” Irma said.


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