JD by Jessica Iskandar walk in on the floor IFW 2017

Fashion Show JD by Jessica Iskandar di Indonesia Fashion Week 2017

JAKARTA – These days, people also look to Indonesia as one of the global fashion benchmarks. Indonesia is enjoying a boom in clothing line businesses and it has produced many top-notch international designers. Many Indonesian celebrities are also looking to expand into the fashion business, including Jessica Iskandar.

Jessica Iskandar first rose to fame with her starring role in Dealova, which she followed up with a successful career as a television presenter. Having cut her teeth in the entertainment industry, Jessica is now trying her hand in the fashion world, too. JD by Jessica Iskandar has good name brand recognition among the younger set.

Working with PT. Buana Lautan Mas, Jessica has complete control over design and material choices, production and distribution. Ramayana Department Store, one of the largest Department stores in Indonesia with 150 stores across 50 cities in Indonesia, is Jessica’s main distribution channel, allowing the brand to reach a wider audience. JD can be purchased at this department store chain. Ramayana, with its wide customer base, shares the same vision as PT. Buana Lautan Mas (as the company that develops JD by Jessica Iskandar), that is to provide affordable fashion products that are high quality, fashionable and up-to-date. JD by Jessica Iskandar can also be purchased online via instagram (@jedarindonesia) or through its website (jedar.co.id).

Jessica Iskandar is widely known as a fashionable, beautiful, and shrewd single mother with a great sense of mix-and-match fashion, which inspires her to start her JD brand. The line itself reflects Jessica Iskandar’s personality and character—simple, beautiful but still fashionable. She is a style role model for many young women in Indonesia—from teenagers to young mothers who care about their way of dressing.

Jessica Iskandar received the Hot Mama Tersilet Award 2016, further cementing JD as a competitive fashion brand in Indonesia.

At Indonesia Fashion Week 2017, the largest fashion event in Indonesia, JD has the opportunity take the runway alongside other fashion brands. It hopes to become even more recognized as a trendsetter in the Indonesian fashion industry.

Occupying one of IFW2017’s prime slots, Jessica Iskandar is not alone on the runway. She collaborates with her friends—A2T by Ayu Tingting, RA Jeans by Raffi Ahmad, and RA Hijab by Mamah Amy—to make IFW 2017 more festive.

Jessica Iskandar has great faith in her new fashion business. With her good public reputation, JD brand easily becomes well known in Indonesia, and a fashion inspiration for young women.


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