2017 Sharia Trend at Indonesia Fashion Week

Salah satu designer di fashion show Tren Syar'i Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 / IFW
Salah satu designer di fashion show Tren Syar’i Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 / IFW

JAKARTA – Sharia Muslim-wear has found greater favor in society. There are now plenty of styles to choose from, they are fashionable without straying away from sharia tenets. Look at OSD, Yunia Syar’i, Mayra, Ulya Hijab, and Jawhara Syar’i that will present their collections at IFW 2017.
OSD’s Bhinneka of Syar’i collection will be presented on the third day of IFW 2017. Inspired by our country’s motto, Bhineka Tunggal Ika, or Unity in Diversity, OSD also tries to capture the same spirit through its collection. There are so many styles of hijab, but they exist for the same reason—so women can dress according to sharia tenets.

This tenet prescribes modesty by covering up the body with fabric that is neither too thin nor too tight. For 2017, @osd offers khimar syar’i in a variety of models and shades of pastel to cut through the monotony. OSD collection can be worn to all sorts of events, while maintaining a woman’s proud identity as a Muslimah.
Another sharia Muslim-wear designer is Yuyun Yuniati. Her fashion line, Yunia Syar’i presents its Voyage collection at IFW, presenting pieces created using ceruti chiffon fabric with brocade and appliques like Swarovski crystals, embroidery, and gold tones. The collection also includes menswear pieces.
The theme, voyage, is selected to represent the designer’s own life’s journey. Beginning with a small dot of desire, it grows into a polka dot pattern that becomes a long line, symbolizing her journey. Yunia Syar’i 2017 is replete in the color blue—representing a philosophical evolution from black to white, a symbol of purity, optimism, and passion.
Unlike any other, Mayra has chosen bright colors—yellows, creams, and olive green. Sixteen pieces makeup Mayra’s Ujala collection, meaning the light of the universe. These elegant sharia gowns are created using lightweight materials, such as crepe and ceruti, to make every piece airy and graceful.
There is also Jawhara with its beautiful, unique and innovative collection. All of these designers hope that sharia fashion will pique the public’s interest at home and abroad, while allowing Muslims to follow sharia tenets (kaffah) without sacrificing fashion.


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