Indonesia Fashion Week, established in 2012, is held annually and aims to provide directions to the Indonesian fashion industry.
A country with unique strengths in fashion – surrounded by the richness of the Indonesian culture, with endless of natural resources and local knowledge along with an abundance of creative people, Indonesia has set a target to ultimately become one of the leading fashion centers and fashion hub in the region and globally.
The 7th upcoming event will be held on March 28th – April 1st 2018 – and will showcase more innovative fashion products and ideas. The Indonesia Fashion Week 2018 will bring Indonesian culture through ready to wear de-lux products, high fashion products, modern ethnic fashion products and Bridal as well as fashion shows, seminars, workshops, talkshows, competition, seminar, talkshows and trade show displays Indonesia Fashion Week is where all the unique features of Indonesian cultures are presented in the form of diverse ready to wear fashion and acccessories. We hope the IFW 2018 will bring a new look into the industry.

Structure Organization

Indonesia Fashion Week 2018

Steering Committee

Bapak Haryadi Sukamdani (Chairman APPINDO)

Bapak Suryadi Sasmita (Director APGAI)

Ibu Yetti R Hadi (Media)

Bapak Jadin C Jamaludin (BPD APPMI)

Ibu Ida Royani (APPMI)


Poppy Dharsono

Representation : Wati Gandarum

Project Officer IFW

Naniek Rachmat


Naniek Rachmat
Erica Tupamahu


Vicke Mohede 
Bayu Saputra
Lalu Hilman
Akbar Ramadhan
Y. Dewi
Yayas Astuti

PIC Marketing Communications

Wati Gandarum
Cylke Atwir

Media Relations

Cylke Atwir

Social Media

Indra Permana

PIC Production

Rudy Chandra
Taba Sanchabakhtiar
Toto Arto

PIC Sponsorship

Nieta Hidayani
Anne Rufaedah

PIC Acara

Ivan Gunawan
Defrico Audy
Malik Moestaram
Fudy Syarif
Meidy K. Pesik

PIC Kurasi Booth

Ian Adrian
Handy Hartono
Vicky Soetono

PIC Kurasi

Sikkie Poernomo
Misan Kopaka
Harry Ibrahim

PIC Booth

Anne Rufaedah
Nita Seno Adji

PIC Kompetisi

Nana Krit

Legal Consultant

Maulana & Partners Law Firm

Finance Consultant

PT. BAF. Lie Kwan Tak

Public Accountant

Drs. Sjarifuddin Chan, AK, CA, CPA